• How to buy swimming glasses

    How to buy swimming glasses

    In order to better see the underwater world, you should wear professional swimming goggles when you swim. What about swimming goggles? Myopic and not myopic choose? The advantages of good goggles are all the same. The bad goggles are either poor in anti-fog or uncomforta...
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  • skiing goggles

    skiing goggles

    The snow environment where skiing is easy to cause snow blindness, high-speed sports on the way to fall is also easy to hurt the eyes, coupled with the cold wind skiing in the eyes of great damage, so the need for ski goggles to protect the eyes of skiers. Ski goggles are divided into mountain g...
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  • How do you choose blue light blocking glasses

    How do you choose blue light blocking glasses

    Anti-glare Blue Light Glasses: Our blue light blocking glasses eliminate the specific harmful blue light emitted by various electronic screens. The blue blocking lens protects the eye by filtering harmful light waves and UV 400. It also reduces eye strain. Blue light-blocking glasses are over-t...
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  • Sunglasses syndrome, dizzy and sick | sunglasses you scam?

    Sunglasses syndrome, dizzy and sick | sunglasses you scam?

    High levels of UV rays are the worst enemy of your eyes, so wearing the right sunglasses when you go out can protect your eyes from UV rays. But sunglasses, if used incorrectly, can harm your eyes rather than protect them. If you wear sunglasses and often experience sore eyes, blurred vision, and...
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  • How Skaters & Surfers See the World Differently

    How Skaters & Surfers See the World Differently

    Skateboarding and surfing have a lot in common. Both involve boards, of course, and surfing even birthed skateboarding, inspiring kids to take their carves out of the ocean to concrete waves. But if you look more closely at each sport, you’ll see the similarities end there. Though, both skaters ...
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  • Are you wearing the right sunglasses?

    Are you wearing the right sunglasses?

    Sorching summer, as temperature rises gradually with the intense illuminate of sunshine, sunglass becomes healthy and fashionable ornament. Sunglasses can keep out dazzling light already, can let a person promote temperament again. But apart from beauty, how do you choose sunglasses that are righ...
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  • Pterygium


    Summer is coming, and when you enjoying the sunshine, UV damage is unavoidable. You may know that overexposure to UV rays accelerates skin aging, but you may not know that overexposure to UV rays also increases the risk of some eye diseases. Pterygium is a pink, fleshy, triangular tissue that gro...
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  • This part needs more sun protection, many people forget

    When spring and summer hit, there is one part that many people will ignore, it’s the eyes. The skin around the eyes is relatively thin, and frequent exposure to ultraviolet rays, so it will accelerate the aging of the skin around the eyes. Moreover, the eyeball is also very “dangerous”...
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  • Spring Special

    Spring Special

    The temperature is gradually rising, hundreds of flowers are blooming, and spring is officially entering. At this time, the ultraviolet rays are gradually increasing. Sunglasses have become an indispensable fashion item. Today, I recommend several fashionable sunglasses for spring, so which mak...
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  • Our sales team

    Our sales team

    Our sales team NWO sunglasses, as an eyewear company integrating industry and trade, has grown from a glasses workshop with only a few people to a large-scale glasses factory with hundreds of people. We learn while we work, we work while we learn. Sunglasses is a fashion product industry, we are...
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  • Recruit Global Glasses Agent

    NWO Glasses and NWOGLSS Glasses are recruiting brand agents from all over the world. We seek long-term development together and create our own wealth. We can design and manufacture new styles of sunglasses,blue light blocking glasses, protective glasses, bamboo wood glasses, bluetooth glasses, gl...
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  • How to choose sunglasses for different professions

    How to choose sunglasses for different professions

    Driver: Polarized sunglasses Driving outside for a long time, in addition to strong light and ultraviolet light, it is also disturbed by glare emitted from surrounding things such as roads and water surfaces. You can choose polarized sunglasses, which can not only block strong light and protect f...
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